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The Peabody Museum depends on our members and friends for essential support through annual gifts or endowments for the daily operations of the Museum. From preserving priceless collections to publishing research on the collections, your gifts offset daily expenses and ensure long-term preservation of the collection and access for the public and researchers. For donations of objects, collections, archives, or photography, please click here.


Unrestricted gifts (gifts not designated for a specific purpose) are critical and allow the Museum to direct funds to areas where they are needed most. Whether restricted or unrestricted, your gifts support, conservation, teaching, research, publications, and many other activities behind the scenes in the Museum.

The Peabody Museum is a member of the consortia of Harvard Museums of Science and Culture which manages Peabody Museum exhibits and programs. Make a donation that supports Peabody exhibits or programming 


Endowments for positions, departments, or activities maintain the stability critical to scholarly research and collaborations, allows us to attract and keep world-class staff, and support public and community engagement.

We are grateful for your vital support of learning and community engagement at the museum and for helping us meet our all-important obligation to preserve a world-class collection of artifacts.

To make a donation to the Peabody Museum, please contact

Genevieve Fisher, Senior Registrar

To make a donation of objects, photographs, or archives to the Peabody Museum, please contact
Peabody Museum Registration Department:

Donations to the Peabody Museum are tax deductible and very much appreciated!


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