Past Exhibitions

photo by Stephen Dupont

Stephen Dupont: Papua New Guinea Portraits and Diaries

May 2, 2013-September 2, 2013

Photographs and an artist’s notebook document the Westernization of traditional society in Papua New Guinea from lawlessness in urban Port Moresby to cultural struggles throughout the Highlands and Sepik River region.

model kayak

Conservators at Work: Alaska's Historic Kayaks Renewed

October 26, 2011-August 28, 2013

Conservators work in the Hall of the North American Indian gallery Mondays Noon-3, Tuesdays and Wednesdays 2-5.

from daguerreotypes to digital

June 28, 2012-April 7, 2013

From Daguerreotype to Digital: Anthropology and Photography

With photographs, cameras, and video, the exhibition explores how photographic innovations helped anthropologists expand the study of world cultures.

Jazmin teaching. Photo by Ximena Vargas

November 17, 2011-May 31, 2012

Shooting for Peace: Youth Behind the Lens

The young Colombian photographers’ images have graced the walls of the U.N. General Assembly Building and the National Geographic Society, but for the children, the exhibits in their own communities are the most meaningful.

May 4, 2011-February 28, 2012

Native Life in the Americas: Artists' Views

Native Life showcased the work of important though not well-known artists who focused on various aspects of Native American life and culture.

House of Love, Dayanita Singh

March 2, 2011-September 5, 2011

House of Love: Photographic Fiction, Dayanita Singh

As the Museum’s 2008 Robert Gardner Photography Fellow, Dayanita Singh explored the human condition through images that began as a photographic diary and became the photographic fiction she titled House of Love

Read the Boston Globe review.

Read the MetroWest Daily News review.

masked festivals of canton bo

May 27, 2009-March 31, 2011

Masked Festivals of Canton Bo, Southwest Ivory Coast

Through rare drawings and photographs, along with masks from the Peabody Museum collections, Masked Festivals explores the different kinds of masked spirit forms and their performances.

April 29, 2010-January 30, 2011

Spying on the Past: Declassified Satellite Images and Archaeology

Using declassified U.S. government spy satellite and aerial images, Harvard student archaeologists explore sites in Northern Mesopotamia and South America. These images are both visually arresting and potent archaeological tools. Four case studies in Syria, Iraq, Iran and Peru reveal complex early cities, extensive trackways, intricate irrigation canals and even traces of nomadic journeys.

 Song for children artwork

October 22, 2009-April 3, 2010

Sacred Spaces: Reflections on a Sufi Path

"Song for Children." Mixed media. Samina Quraeshi, 2009


Diane Moore of the Harvard Divinity School interviews the Curator Samina Quraeshi:Sacred Spaces: Reflections on a Sufi Path (audio and slide show)

guy<br />
            tillim image

April 29, 2009-September 8, 2009
Avenue Patrice Lumumba: Photographs by Guy Tillim


two boys with altar U

June 4, 2008-April 6, 2009

Fragile Memories: Images of Archaeology and Community at Copan, 1891–1900

Awatovi archaeologists dancing

September 25, 2008-April 30, 2009

Remembering Awatovi: The Story of an Archaeological Expedition in Northern Arizona, 1935-1939


Tlingit Spoons

May 2, 2008–April 25, 2008

Feeding the Ancestors: Tlingit Carved Horn Spoons


 Remix Poster

April 5, 2008–October 19, 2008

Remix: Indigenous Identities in the 21st Century


Samurai Warrior

October 25, 2007–April 30, 2008
A Good Type: Tourism and Science in Early Japanese Photographs

Archuen Kitchen

April 11, 2007–November 9, 2007
Vanished Kingdoms: the Wulsin Photographs of Tibet, China, and Mongolia, 1921–1925

Rockefeller photograph of boys at play

November 15, 2006–February 28, 2007
Michael Rockefeller: New Guinea Photographs, 1961

Mecklenburg Iron Age Collection

April 19, 2006–September 4, 2006
A Noble Pursuit: The Duchess of Mecklenburg Collection from Iron Age Slovenia

Reconfiguring Korea

February 15, 2006–September 30, 2006
Reconfiguring Korea: Roger Marshutz's Photographs of Pusan, 1952–1954

Moche of Ancient Peru

October 21, 2005–November 30, 2007
The Moche of Ancient Peru: Media and Messages

Gifts of the Great River

June 2, 2005–October 31, 2005
Gifts of the Great River: Arkansas Effigy Pottery from the Curtiss Collection

Native American Delegation

April 14, 2005–December 31, 2005
Breaking the Silence: Native American Photography and Federal Indian Policy

Berber Triangular Brooch

December 2, 2004–August 30, 2006
Imazighen! Beauty and Artisanship in Berber Life

Marsh Arabs of Iraq

October 21, 2004–February 28, 2005
Field Photography: The Marsh Arabs of Iraq, 1934

Bringing Japan to Boston Exhibit

May 20, 2004–April 30, 2005
Bringing Japan to Boston: The Edward S. Morse Collection

!Kung Girl

March 17, 2004–September 15, 2004
Regarding the Kalahari: The Marshall Family and the Ju/'hoansi !Kung, 1950–1961


Nation to Nation

December 11, 2003–September 30, 2008
From Nation to Nation: Examining Lewis and Clark's Indian Collection

Prince of Alashan, Mongolia

September 18, 2003–January 15, 2004
Portraits from China, 1923—1946: Photographers and Their Subjects

Mimbres Pottery

May 29, 2003–
Painted by a Distant Hand: Mimbres Pottery from the American Southwest

Boots Exhibit

February 7, 2003–February 2004
These Shoes Were Made for ... Walking?

Charles Lummis

October 18, 2002–August 31, 2003
Charles Fletcher Lummis: Southwestern Portraits, 1888-1896

Tapa Cloth

March 6, 2002–August 1, 2003
Embedded Nature: Tapa Cloths from the Pacific Islands

Casts Gallery

October 3, 2001–February 1, 2004
Distinguished Casts: Curating Lost Monuments at the Peabody Museum

heads and tales exhibition

December 9, 1999-October 1, 2001

Heads and Tales: Adornments from Africa


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