Peabody Museum Indigenous Australia Curatorial Fellowships

The Peabody Museum stewards one of the most significant collections of Aboriginal objects outside of Australia. The Fellowship program aimed to expand documentation for objects in the collection to enhance the Museum’s online public collections database. The program also helped forge connections among the Peabody, descendant communities, and global networks of Australian scholars.


  • Anne Best (2012 – 15) Honorary Research Fellow, Institute of Archaeology, University College, London. For a summary of Dr. Best’s work at the museum, see here.
  • Louise Hamby (2013 – 16) Research Fellow, College of Arts & Social Sciences, Australian National University. For an introduction to Dr. Hamby’s work at the museum, see here.
  • Shawn Rowlands (2014 – 16). You can see Dr. Rowlands talking about some of his favorite objects in the collection and read some information about his project.
  • Phillip Jones (2017 – 19) Senior Curator in Anthropology, South Australian Museum, and Affiliate Lecturer, Department of History, University of Adelaide. In 2019 Dr. Jones gave a lecture on his work “Anthropology, Colonialism and the Exploration of Indigenous Australia” which you can watch here.

The Fellowships were generously funded by the Harvard Committee on Australian Studies.


Proclamation board, Governor Arthur's Proclamation to the Tasmanian people, 1830, Tasmania. Gift of Col. Theodore Lyman, 1872. PM 72-21-70/6500.

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