Teaching & Outreach

Access to Teaching Collections

Harvard University classes are welcome to make use of the Osteology teaching collections. Take a look at our holdings by browsing the osteological collections online. Our department staff will help identify what is appropriate for your course; submit an online Research Request Form or email us at pmresearch@fas.harvard.edu. All classes using osteological material must adhere to the Osteology Lab Protocol.

Internship Program

Osteology Department interns have worked on a wide range of projects from conservation of our teaching collection to identifying age and sex of human remains from Giza, Egypt. Find out more about the summer internship program on the Peabody Museum Internships page.

 Special Programs

The Osteology Department participates in a number of public programs each year by giving tutorials on physical anthropology to high school and college students. 




 Fully articulated human and neanderthal cast skeletons in the Human Evolutionary Biology teaching lab. Photo by Olivia Herschensohn.