Student Projects 2007

Harvard College

  • Katherine Brunson (Mesoamerican cast project, Loltun cave, PMAE)
  • Elizabeth Gettinger* (GRW slide archive & web project)
  • Kathryn Funderburk* (’07, Study of pre-Columbian wind instruments, PMAE)
  • Laura Lacombe* (Fragile Memories exhibition, community research & slide video; PMAE Summer Intern)
  • Danielle Mirabal* (CMHI Hieroglyphic Stairway project)

Doctoral Candidates

  • Dylan Clark (Copan, Honduras, and Isla Cerritos, Yucatan, Mexico; PMAE Collections Assistant; T.F. Copan Summer Intern)
  • Molly Fierer-Donaldson (Maya archaeology and osteology)
  • Thomas Garrison (1999–2007, Maya archaeology, San Bartolo-Xultun survey)
  • Ann Sieferle-Valencia* (2000-2007, Formative Mesoamerican archaeology, Cuauhtinchan, Puebla, Mexico)
  • Alexandre Tokovinine (2001-2008, Maya archaeology and epigraphy, Maya place names and ethnicity)

Postdoctoral Candidates

  •   Ann Sieferle-Valencia* (Department of Anthropology, Archaeology Wing Tutor)

Extension School

  • Lynne Ambrose (nineteenth-century Maya research and plaster cast collection)
  • Emily Dotton (Copan Sculpture Museum video)

*Alumna/us of Harvard Field School in Copan, Honduras.