King for a Day

Grades 5–8, 50 minutes

 Peabody Museum Skype class
Seventh grade students in Vermont watch Education Specialist Andrew Majewski show oyster ear flares in a live webcast class from the museum. Photo courtesy Amy Moriarty.

Integrates with studies of

  • Ancient civilizations.

Program Description

A live, interactive webcast uses Skype to highlights the monuments, buildings, and symbols associated with royal power in Maya and Aztec civilizations.

Students learn to read the built landscape to understand the responsibilities and benefits of leadership. A museum educator brings a video camera into the exhibition to show examples of a codex, architectural models, rare stele, altars, and a obsidian sword as he asks and answers students’ questions. A companion PowerPoint slide show provides maps and photographic support to put the artifacts in context. The class is broadcast to your classroom from the Encounters with the Americas galleries.

See the FAQ for key information and technical requirements.

For more information, reservations, special requests, or to be added to the mailing list, please contact Cathy Kittredge at 617-495-3216 or email



$150 for groups of up to 50. Smaller groups are encouraged for increased student participation and interactivity. Contact Cathy Kittredge (above) for information on fee reductions.


“They connect directly to our benchmarks and  curriculum.”
      —Teacher, Grade 5, Arlington




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