Policies on Filming Objects in Nonpublic Areas

The museum welcomes the public, media, and research interest in the collections, and we try to accommodate requests to film objects whenever possible.

Anyone filming museum collections in nonpublic areas must sign an agreement covering terms, conditions, procedures, and intellectual property rights before filming. See Policies on Filming in the Galleries.

Fees & Procedures

  • The fee for filming objects in a nonpublic location is $150 (nonprofit use) or $300 (commercial use) per hour with a two-hour minimum. This fee is payable to the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology upon commencement of filming.
  • A list of objects to be filmed must be provided to the Peabody Museum prior to filming with at least two weeks' advance notice. Selecting these objects might require an advance visit to the Peabody by the filmmaker and/or a research request to determine which objects will be requested.
  • A schedule for filming must be agreed in advance with the Peabody Museum. Filming hours are on weekdays only, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Filming after 5:00 pm or on holidays is not permitted. All filming days must start in the morning, even if only a half-day is anticipated.
  • Secure storage areas are not available as filming venues. All logistical concerns such as freight elevator access, power requirements, etc., must be arranged prior to filming.
  • All museum objects are to be handled by Peabody Museum–designated personnel only. A staff member will be present at all times during the filming to facilitate the project
  • The Peabody Museum will provide a film contract that must be signed prior to filming.
  • Payment of location use or rental fees does not constitute an endorsement by the Peabody Museum of products and services portrayed in the final product.
  • The Producer agrees to identify Peabody Museum staff or affiliates interviewed in the film as Peabody Museum staff or affiliates in the film in appropriate closing credits or to identify objects as being in the collections of the Peabody Museum.
  • Permission to film in the Peabody Museum nonpublic areas does not extend to the galleries or public areas of the Peabody Museum or the Harvard Museum of Natural History in the same building. 


Please make your request at least two weeks prior to the preferred date of filming and contact:

Cynthia Mackey
Office of Rights and Reproductions

Requests for media of objects in the collections or copies of existing media should complete the Media and Permission Request Form.

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