Commitment to Research

The Peabody Museum's first exhibition in 1867 comprised its entire collection, a small number of prehistoric artifacts from Massachusetts's Merrimack Valley. Through Peabody-sponsored expedition and research and the continued generosity of many institutions and individuals, the Museum currently houses more than 1.25 million individual objects representing tens of thousands of years of human experience. Continuing that research and making use of the objects in our collections are fundamental to everything the Museum does.

Beyond Our Walls

The Peabody Museum partners with other Harvard entities and scholars, as well as with institutions beyond our campus to illuminate cultural diversity and linkages from ancient times to the present, providing a place and context for intellectual exchanges among our multiethnic community. The Native American Graves and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) continues to be an important part of the Museum's research work.  


Andrew Hamilton, graduate student in History of Art and Architecture, researching Andean textiles at the Museum.