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Site name: Ixtutz Site volume and author reference
Location and Access
Principal Investigations
Notes on the Ruins
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The ruins lie some 8 km southeast of Dolores, in southeastern Peten. Two trails lead to them from the Flores-Poptun road. One trail passes through La Borrachera, an abandoned house site named for some forgotten event, and distinguished besides by having a well in the form of a hole 2 m in diameter, dug down through mud and stones to water at a depth of 3 m. The other route skirts a large mound (marked x on the area map) built upon a high terrace. I have not examined this mound.

The ruins are found in a small flat area surrounded by hills typical of a karst zone. Structures 26 to 35 are built on one of these hills. Apart from the well already mentioned, other sources of water are the aguada (not always dependable) shown at the northeast comer of the site plan and another lying between Structures 20 and 21, which collects water only during the rainy season.

The first published mention of this site resulted from the visit of Colonel Modesto Mendez and Eusebio Lara in 1852. In a report published in a German journal (Ritter 1853) "Yxtutz" is stated to be south of Dolores, and two of the stelae, numbers 1 and 3, are illustrated in somewhat fanciful drawings, but little other information is given. Following Mendez and Lara's visit, the ruins relapsed into oblivion for more than a century; then in 1970 a Maya who farmed milpa land nearby brought Merle Greene Robertson to the site. She revisited the site twice in the following year to make rubbings of the sculpture and to map the site, soon afterward publishing a report on it (Robertson 1972).

Having been told by her of Ixtutz, von Euw and I visited it in 1972. Von Euw, who preceded me to the site by a few days, began his work by transporting the blocks of the mosaic wall panel (Panel 1) by pack mule to Dolores. Following my arrival, we made our own plan of the site and recorded the monuments, including Stela 4, which we found to be carved on the underside. Considering this stela also worth rescuing, we engaged men to cut a roadway to the savanna flanking the Flores highway, and achieved our purpose with a truck provided by the Guatemalan army.


The density of undergrowth found at this site at the time of our visit (due to the destructive hurricane of 1961) made surveying more difficult than usual. For this reason, perhaps, there is some lack of agreement between Merle Greene Robertson's plan and ours, especially in the area lying between the causeway that runs to the foot of the hill and a line joining our Structures 21 and 22 (a renumbering of structures for our plan was unavoidable). Robertson also shows a group of four mounds on a common platform south of our Structure 25, which we missed. A symbol employed in the plan but not shown in the table of site plan symbols (p. 1:26) needs to be explained. A line punctuated by small sawteeth denotes a single step in isolation, such as might be found between two plaza areas of different level, or one edge of a low and broad causeway wall. The sawtooth element was inspired by the generally triangular shape of the stones often used by the Maya to form such features. Thus the sawteeth point toward the higher level.




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tan," Zeitschrift, Gesellschaft fUr Erdkunde zu Berlin, vol. I, pp. 161-193. Berlin.


1972 "Notes on the Ruins of lxtutz, Southeastern Peten" (with an Appendix by

John A. Graham), Contributions of the University of California Archaeological Research Facility, no. 16, pp. 89-104. Berkeley.



SITE VOL/Part Monument Side Page Pub.year Notes Peobody Number
IXTUTZ 2.3 Map 172 1980
IXTUTZ 2.3 Map of Ruins 173 1980
IXTUTZ 2.3 Stela 1 front 175 1980 2004.
IXTUTZ 2.3 Stela 2 front 178 1980 2004.
IXTUTZ 2.3 Stela 3 front 179 1980 2004.
IXTUTZ 2.3 Stela 4 front 181 1980 2004.
IXTUTZ 2.3 Panel 1 11 blocks 183 1980 2004.


SITE (by Vol) VOL/Part Author(s)
IXTUTZ 2.3 Ian Graham, Vol. 2.3, 1980