Apache doll

 Apache Doll, 19th century, Claflin Collection. 985-27-10/59182.

School & Group Programs (K–12)

Program Fees for Virtual School and Youth Groups

Museum program rates are $150 per group of ten to fifty. A class of twenty-five is recommended, but the museum can accommodate up to fifty students per session.

  • Typical start times: 9:00 am and thereafter on the half-hour until 3:00 pm.
  • Number of students: Typically twenty-five but up to fifty per session maximum.
  • Length: One hour except for Day of the Dead class.
  • Cambridge Public Schools are always free of charge.

Self-Guided Virtual Tour (Coming Soon)

These will be free of charge.

Fee Reduction

School groups with a high percentage of free/reduced lunch students are eligible for a fee reduction. Such schools receive a reduced rate of $22.50 per program. Indicate on the reservation form that you want to be considered for a fee waiver price quote. Cambridge Public Schools are always free of charge.